The OGT in writing contains 10 multiple-choice test questions, one short-answer question and two writing prompt.
The tests measures student achievement related to the three academic content standards. The questions assess a student’s ability to engage in the processes of writing, to write in different styles of forms and to use English writing conventions. The assessment measures the purposefulness and organization of a student’s writing. It also measures effective grammatical choices and a student’s understanding of how to revise and edit.

• Formulate writing ideas and identify a topic appropriate to the purpose and audience.
• Determine the usefulness of organizers and apply appropriate pre-writing tasks.
• Use strategies to revise style and to improve sentence variety, word choice and transitions between paragraphs, passages or ideas.
• Edit to improve sentence fluency, grammar and usage.
• Apply tools to judge the quality of writing.

• Compose a narrative that establishes a specific setting, plot and consistent point of view that develops characters.
• Produce an expository essay, which may include a letter, to a specific audience.
• Write a persuasive essay that states a clear position, includes relevant information and offers compelling evidence.

• Use correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization and demonstrate understanding of the grammatical conventions of the English language.

Below you will find resources to help your prepare:

Writing Packet (includes Reading): Packet

Sample Questions:
  • A sample OGT Writing test question: Aligned to the Writing Process Standard

Practice Test: (with answer key)
  • 2009 Released Writing Test with Answer Key and Scoring Guide

  • 2008 Released Writing Test with Answer Key and Scoring Guide

Online Practice Tests:
See the State of Ohio website: ... and:
  • select the "+" next to Writing on the right hand side
  • Select a year
  • You have an option to print the test or take the test online

To take the test online:

  • Select the "Start Test" button
  • Answer the question and then select the "Save and Continue" button
  • The computer will display the correct answer and then you can select the "Next Question" button
  • When you have answered all of the questions you can select the "Save Test" button and a summary of your results will be displayed.