The OGT in social studies contains 32 multiple-choice, four short-answer and two extended-response test questions that measure student achievement related to the seven academic content standards.

The content covered by the OGT encompasses world studies from 1750 to the present and United States studies from
1877 to the present. Many test questions present data and information in text, tables, charts, graphs, maps, and
illustrations. Students should be able to apply this data and information when answering questions posed in the test.

The seven academic content standards.

• Explain cause-and-effect relationships among historical developments, including industrialization and imperialism.
• Show connections among historical developments occurring in different decades and centuries, such as World War I, World War II and the Cold War.
• Describe interrelationships that exist between cultural groups from exchanges of cultural practices to instances of discrimination and conflict.
• Use maps and geographic data to analyze changes brought about by human activity.
• Analyze the characteristics used to define geographic regions.
• Compare how different economic systems determine what goods and services to produce.
• Explain various roles the U.S. government plays in the economy, such as providing public services and regulating economic activities.
• Explain how applications of the U.S. Constitution have changed due to amendments ratified since Reconstruction.
• Analyze how various systems of government, ranging from democracies to theocracies, acquire and use political power.
• Analyze the methods people use to bring about changes in governmental policy and in systems of government.
• Describe how the exercise of individual rights is balanced against the rights of others and the welfare of the larger community.
• Examine sources of information to determine if they are reliable and credible.
• Show how to use evidence to support or refute a position on an issue.

Below you will find resources to help your prepare:

Social Studies packet: packet

Sample Questions:
  • A sample OGT Social Studies Short-Answer Question: Aligned to the Geography Standard

Practice Test: (with answer key)
  • 2009 Released Exam with Answer Key and Scoring Guide

  • 2008 Released Exam with Answer Key and Scoring Guide

Online Practice Tests:
See the State of Ohio website: ... and:
  • select the "+" next to Social Studies on the right hand side
  • Select a year
  • You have an option to print the test or take the test online

To take the test online:

  • Select the "Start Test" button
  • Answer the question and then select the "Save and Continue" button
  • The computer will display the correct answer and then you can select the "Next Question" button
  • When you have answered all of the questions you can select the "Save Test" button and a summary of your results will be displayed.