The OGT in science contains 32 multiple-choice, four short-answer and two extended-response test questions that measure student achievement related to the six academic content standards.

OGT science questions are designed to present data and information in a variety of formats, including text, data, tables, graphs, diagrams, maps, and drawings. To ensure a variety of ways for students to demonstrate science skills and understanding, each OGT question for science will focus on one of four categories:
1) recalling and identifying valid science information and principles;
2) communicating science concepts and analyses of science data;
3) using scientific inquiry and technology design;
4) applying science concepts and ways of knowing.

The overview below provides examples of concepts and skills assessed by the OGT in science for each of the six academic content standards.

The six academic content standards for Science-

• Evaluate human activities that can conserve or deplete Earth’s finite resources.
• Use energy, matter, motion, and force concepts to explain patterns in Earth’s systems and history, and the composition and scale of the solar system and physical
• Describe how living systems function and interact with the physical environment, including the cycling of matter and the flow of energy in living systems.
• Understand the characteristics, structure and function of cells, principles of heredity, biological evolution, and the diversity and interdependence of life.
• Apply concepts of the structure and properties of atoms and molecules and the principles of conservation of matter to explain identifiable physical properties of matter, materials and objects, physical and chemical
changes, and the formation of patterns and substances.
• Summarize how the concepts and principles of transfer and conservation of energy, motion and the forces affecting motion, and the nature of waves and interactions of matter and energy describe and predict physical interactions and events in the natural world.
• Use alternative technological designs or devices to solve design problems, including explaining critical factors to consider in relation to short- and long-term use of the design.
• Describe examples of scientific and technological advances, including how they are related and may impact society.
• Design and evaluate scientific investigations.
• Use mathematics, scientific reasoning and communication skills to interpret, analyze and explain scientific conclusions and evidence from investigations.
• Show how scientific knowledge must be based on scientific evidence to explain how scientific questions can be investigated, and show how scientific ideas can be used to predict and logically explain natural phenomena and events.
• Recognize examples of scientific advancements and guidelines, and recognize how scientific ideas and skills apply to society.

Below you will find resources to help your prepare:

Science packet: packet

Sample Questions:
  • A sample OGT Science Short-Answer Question: Aligned to Life Sciences Standard

Practice Test: (with answer key)
  • 2009 Released Exam with Answer Key and Scoring Guide

  • 2008 Released Exam with Answer Key and Scoring Guide

Online Practice Tests:
See the State of Ohio website: ... and:
  • select the "+" next to Science on the right hand side
  • Select a year
  • You have an option to print the test or take the test online

To take the test online:

  • Select the "Start Test" button
  • Answer the question and then select the "Save and Continue" button
  • The computer will display the correct answer and then you can select the "Next Question" button
  • When you have answered all of the questions you can select the "Save Test" button and a summary of your results will be displayed.

Content Materials: (Broken down by Science subject)

Content Area
Guided Notes
Power point
Practice Questions

Science Experiments

Earth Science
power point

power point
Chemistry Practice

Fill in: notes
Energy Chart
Forces Chart
Main powerpoint
Practice Questions

Life Science
power point
Practice Free Response

Practice Multiple Choice

Scientific "Stuff"
Scientific Ways of Knowing
Science & Technology
Scientific Inquiry
Safety in the Lab

Practice Questions

Content tips for the Science OGT: (covering all portions of the Science OGT)
OGT Science Content Summary
OGT Science OGT Quick Study Guide

Content Notes for the OGT: (covering all portions of the Science OGT)
OGT Science Study Sheet

Practice Questions:
OGT Question of the Day! – Science (PowerPoint: with questions covering all portions of the Science OGT)

Other useful materials:
OGT Thinking Words (PowerPoint)